IMPORTANT: Operators and Aircraft Operators must complete the access requirements for the Registry in order to meet UK ETS compliance obligations. Please read the information below carefully before applying for a Registry account.

UK Emissions Trading Registry

The UK Emissions Trading Registry operates in a similar way to an online bank account. The Registry is a secure web-based application that serves as both the UK Emissions Trading Scheme Registry (UK ETS Registry) and the UK Kyoto Protocol Registry.

UK ETS Registry records include:

  • allowances held in Operator Holding Accounts, Aircraft Operator Holding Accounts, Trading Accounts and Government Accounts
  • the movement of allowances between accounts and details of verified emissions and allowances surrendered by operators
  • matters relating to the free allocation of allowances to Operator Holding Accounts and Aircraft Operator Holding Accounts

UK Kyoto Protocol Registry records include:

  • international units held in Person Holding Accounts and Government Accounts
  • the movement of international units between accounts
  • the details of any international units arising from the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) transferred to Person Holding Accounts from the CDM Registry

Apply for access to the Registry

Operators of Stationary Installations and Aircraft Operators who have been issued with UK ETS Permits or Emissions Monitoring Plans will have their Operator Holding Accounts or Aircraft Operator Holding Accounts opened for them by the UK Registry Administrator; no Authorised Representatives will be appointed at this stage.

The UK Registry Administrator will then send the permit or emissions monitoring plan contacts the new account numbers and instructions about how to appoint Authorised Representatives to these accounts. UK ETS Allowances can be delivered into Operator Holding Accounts or Aircraft Operator Holding Accounts without Authorised Representatives being added.

Other registered users can make an application to open either a UK ETS Trading Account or KP Person Holding Account. These account types must have 2 registered users added at the point of application.

Prospective users who do not already have a UserID must create a Registry sign in to get a UserID.

Before you start

To create a Registry sign in, you'll need:

  • your work email address
  • a mobile phone or tablet to set up two-factor authentication

You'll be asked to enter information including:

  • your full name and date of birth
  • your work contact details, including phone number and address

Create a Registry sign in

You can apply online for a Registry sign in. You'll need a smartphone that can download a third party application to complete this process.

Create sign in

I already have a Registry sign in

You'll need your password and two-factor authentication app, for example FreeOTP, to sign in to the Registry.

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